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Dahn here, your favourite LA Chargers fan based in the North London area. Being the “NFL veteran” of the BITEZ group (having 4+ years of NFL fandom on the others), I thought I would give you a brief run down of what we are all about.

Make sure to check out the list of episodes at the bottom of the page.

What is the podcast about?

a) Entertaining and informing in a very familiar bar chat style. We are not experts  (who is?), but we know more than enough to bring you up to speed on NFL and help you win that fantasy title!

b) Converting the NFL naysayers to the beautiful sport. We didn’t grow up on American Football and would say English football is our main sport – we understand all the frustrations of “it’s too slow” / “too many breaks”. We will take you through the teams, players, positions and you will understand why hundreds of millions globally love this sport.

c) Providing the British perspective. Who doesn’t want to hear us moan about 2am bed times after watching 6 hours of Red-Zone and 3 hours of late Sunday game. Bizarrely, you will also hear a lot of comparisons of NFL players to Barnet players (we are looking to improve on this)

d) We will talk you through the weird and wonderful stories behind the scenes. I mean, we are not behind the scenes ourselves, but we are very well researched! Listen out for my top 3 review (Dahn’s Top Three), you will not regret it!

e) Having a podcast where the focus is not the Patriots, Steelers, Seahawks etc. We are Chargers, Eagles, Jags and Browns fans and make sure all teams get their air time!

So the above is not my best work, and just like in Uni I only started this in the last minute – don’t hold that against me. However, do listen to the podcast and let us know what you want to hear more of. We just have fun sitting around with our friends with a beer, so will talk about whatever you want to hear.

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Podcast Picture

Podcast Episodes


2018 Season

Episode 31: BITEZ are Back! Draft Special!


2017 Season

Episode 30: Philly Special!

Episode 29: Superbowl Lollipops!

Episode 28: 99 Problems but the Vikings ain’t one!

Episode 27: Hugh Grant of the NFL

Episode 26: Wild Cards & Flamingos

Episode 25: Christmas Horseplay

Episode 24: Continental DJ

Episode 23: Drop My Dead Donkey

Episode 22: The Reunion

Episode 21: Clams, Yams & Coin Flips

Episode 20: Jump on the Eagles’ Bandswoggle

Episode 19: A Stolen Bike & a Jimmy Johns

Episode 18: Llamas, Penguins and NFL Fantasy Expert Alex Gelhar

Episode 17: The Balls in the Zip

Episode 16: Contender/Pretender with Nat Coombs & Ed Malyon

Episode 15: Gangster Nursery Rhymes

Episode 14: That ‘D’ is Legit

Episode 13: Superbowl rings & Wembley tings

Episode 12: A Week 1 & Airbnb Review – NFL UK

Episode 11: JP Sitting in his Pants

Episode 10: Slot Shaming

Episode 9: Drafts, Cruise Ships & Shark Tanks

Episode 8: Cream That Offense

Episode 7: 100% My Type on Paper

Episode 6: Contracts, Flip Flops & Video Games

Episode 5: New Commissioner in Town

Episode 4: 7th Round Panic Picks

Episode 3: Crab Legs & Ketchup Cups

Episode 2: Great Pop on that P

Episode 1: The Many Talents of Justin Tucker


BITEZ-SIZED II: “Reception Perception” with Matt Harmon

BITEZ-SIZED I: Fantasy Premier League Drafting

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