Week 1 Streaming Options QB/DST

Christian @ CKarayannides Quarterback & Defense are the deepest positions in fantasy football, but they're also the most matchup-reliant, which makes streaming your starter at these positions an excellent and effective strategy. What is streaming?  When you change your starter each week to exploit good matchups (usually with a player picked up off the waiver... Continue Reading →

BITEZ Season Predictions

So here it is, this is the best part of the preseason. This is when we plant our flag in the sand (I assume that's a moon reference) and make our predictions for the season based on a mixture of broader NFL and fantasy questions. Whether we get it right or wrong, we will 'own'... Continue Reading →

Fantasy Jargon Buster

Rob Grimwood (@FantasyPond) It’s easy to get lost whilst reading articles or listening podcasts about fantasy football (except for BITEZ). Especially if you are a newcomer to fantasy sports or have only recently started playing recently. The main bulk of media platforms that surround this wonderful avenue of arguably the best sport on the planet... Continue Reading →

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