Diary of a British NFL Fantasy Football Fan

JP here from BITEZ (Brits in the EndZone).

Our first year podcasting has been a lot of fun so far. It gives the NFL action over the weekend a whole new dimension. And means I must watch all of Redzone on a Sunday night… for research purposes of course (that’s what I tell my fiancé anyway).

I mean I need to know whats going on in all the games before recording our podcast on a Tuesday….right???

As a long suffering Browns fan (I’m 3 losses in and it already feels like I’ve supported them a lifetime) and fantasy footballer enthusiast I wanted to give you guys a brief glimpse into the life of a British NFL fan.

Thursday Night games are horrible, especially from a fantasy perspective.

I mean if one of my players is involved and does well – that’s great, but I don’t get to experience that until the morning…. when my alarm goes off for work, unable to properly open my eyes yet, I’ll scramble around on my phone, open youtube without looking at the score and watch the highlights.

And that’s if I haven’t woken up in the middle of the night in a mild sweat hoping my WR hasn’t gone down injured or put up a big fat 0.

That’s the problem.

If my player involved has played and done nothing…….what a waste. I haven’t even been able to watch him do nothing.

There’s genuinely been times when I haven’t been able to pick between 2 players and I’ve based my decision purely on being able to watch one of the guys at 6pm on redzone compared to missing it at 3.30am on Thursday night / Friday morning.

Worst of all though is when you wake up having played someone who’s had someone blow up on Thursday night. It’s happened quite a few times this year….not against me luckily….but imagine waking up after week 1 having come up against Kareem Hunt or Week 3 against Todd Gurley…ruins the weekend ahead. What’s the point in competing against that!

Sunday night RedZone might be the best thing about the NFL.

Not that I wish my weekend away waiting for it to start, rather it extends the weekend and makes it feel that much longer.

Gone are the dark Sunday nights dreading the start of the working week. Instead it’s a night with mates eating takeaway, drinking beers and watching the game we love (and shouting abuse at my fantasy players who have done absolutely nothing….but not tweeting @ them, don’t do that).

If none of my players have caught a touchdown 10 mins into the first quarter I’ve already convinced myself its not my week, I’m going to lose and have already thought of 5 different trades to offer up to get rid of my ailing stars.

After 7 hours of sitting on the couch in front of the TV watching commercial free football, tiptoeing into the bedroom not to wake anyone up, failing that by then turning on the light as I can’t see a thing, the nerves begin to creep in.

Every week it seems I’m up against someone that has players in the late night Sunday game and the Monday night game.

Have you heard of the phrase ‘Sunday-It is’ – people often find it hard to sleep on Sunday as they start to get anxious of the week ahead. Forget that. I haven’t slept well during the NFL season on a Sunday night or Monday night for that matter for a long long time. My brain won’t switch off. Even if I’ve comfortably won my match up (which isn’t that often).

Just this week I was up against Jared Cook and Dez Bryant with a 25 point cushion.

Woke up the early hours of Monday morning to see Cook score a TD for the Raiders. This meant a 14 point game for Dez Bryant (.5ppr league) would break my undefeated record so far (Oh ye forgot to mention I was 2-0 at this point…..now 3-0).

Embed from Getty Images


As you can imagine, Monday isn’t fun at the best of times. But your undefeated fantasy football record is on the line!!

I’m obviously messaging my leagues group downplaying my chances. ‘Dez is obviously having a big game tonight’. He was up against the Cardinals D so I knew he’d be shadowed by stud corner back Patrick Peterson. But still. You never know.

Tuesday morning comes after another interrupted nights sleep. Dez got a TD but it was not enough to stop the ‘Valyrian Steelers’ (note the great Game of Thrones pun) going 3-0.

Then it all starts again. Waiver Wire adds done. Trades sent. Lineups set. And repeat.

So if it takes me a while to get going on the Brits in the EndZone podcast you know its because of sleepless nights worrying about my made up fantasy team scoring points in a league where’s nothing even at stake come the end of the season.



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