BITEZ Season Predictions

So here it is, this is the best part of the preseason. This is when we plant our flag in the sand (I assume that’s a moon reference) and make our predictions for the season based on a mixture of broader NFL and fantasy questions.

Whether we get it right or wrong, we will ‘own’ our predictions and there is sure to be a forfeit on the line for the loser. (any twitter suggestions will be very well received).

So let’s get to it…

BITEZ Season Predictions

As we can see from the above, both JP and Dahn are quite high on the Seahawks offence this season, with Russell Wilson and Jimmy Graham picked us their QB and TE choice, respectively. Whilst the Seahawks offence sputtered last year, Wilson appears to be back to full health and in better shape than ever and with that incredible Legion of Boom defence keeping the offence on the field, it seems like a good shout.

Adley, on the other hand, believes that Carr is taking a big step up this season to be the second highest QB in fantasy – which would certainly be good news for Cooper and Crabtree (if correct). As expected, Adley has also picked Kelce (who he had threatened to pick in the first round of the draft – it appeared to be an empty threat).

It is also a near full house of home bias for teams with most improvement, as Charles, JP and Dahn choose their teams to positively change their record this year. They had less than 10 wins between them last season, so easy to see why!

All guys felt that the Jets are tanking for Sam Darnold (although, after a 2 Int performance in week 1 college he might not be the guy to go for). The Jets, without Eric Decker, Brandon Marshall, Quincy Enunwa, Darrelle Revis, Sheldon Richardson, among others in 2017 are likely to struggle and struggle badly. Both Adley and JP thought this might lose Todd Bowles his job, although if he manages to keep any game competitive, he may just be a miracle worker. Dahn predicts a Luck-less Colts to lose Pagano his job (Tolzien is capable of making that happen) and there might be a Fox in a trap in Chicago, with a weak core of offensive skill positions.

Listen to Episode 10 where we discuss some of these picks and follow the BITEZ boys this season as they discuss and recap these picks (especially in the end of year show).

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