The American Football Films/ TV You Should Watch!

Danny King (@Danny_King)

Who doesn’t love a good film rating blog post!

There are lots of great movies about Football across the pond and they won’t all make my top 5. Hopefully, there is a couple you haven’t seen and I’ve opened your eyes to a film you love! Or you will hunt me down and demand the time back you’ve wasted watching a movie because of me!

  1. Blue Mountain State – The Rise of Thadland

If you haven’t seen the TV Series Blue Mountain State…..WHY NOT!!!! You won’t know any of the characters or back story to this movie. It is a comedy really, some of the stuff the College Football Team B.M.S got up too was crazy, think Dream Team Harchester United, minus the death and serious stuff but added tits and Goats, not greatest of all time but actual GOATS!

Alex Moran has the best job in the world according to him, a backup quarterback. If you haven’t seen the series and fancy a few laughs and little drama check it out then watch this even more far-fetched movie!

Blue Mountain State

  1. The Grid Iron Gang

One of my child hood heroes, The Rock, is a former footballer working in a young offenders prison, and you guessed it, he wants to use football to bring all these young hooligans/gangs together as one. This is based on a true story and shows you some actual pictures etc of the actual team.

If you like Coach Carter with more swearing you’ll love this


  1. Any Given Sunday

This movie is full of stars like Al Pachino who’s a coach stuck in his ways, Jamie Foxx a hot new QB who puts himself before the team, Dennis Quaid is the old QB who just won’t go away!

This is a great movie and has some comedy and a foxy young Cameron Diaz is always a good shout too!


  1. Remember The Titans

More famous names and another one based on a true story. Black meets White and they don’t get along, it’s up to football to unite a bunch of kids who hate each other and play together.

If you want a real serious film not just about football (the other half will like) this will certainly be a winner for you!

remember the titans.jpg

  1. Draft Day

When it comes to American Football films there is only one winner for me and that’s draft day. Kevin Costner (who gets better looking with age!) stars as the Browns GM, and even in Hollywood, the Browns have it rough!

This film is full of NFL info like how the draft works, what goes down in the war room and what the dirty GM’s are doing with their secretary is in the cleaning cupboard LOL.


Hopefully, you enjoyed a little top 5 and here is a list of some others you can google that were unlucky to miss out on my list (I’m sure they are so hurt) but I would recommend are worth watching.

The WaterBoy
The Longest Yard
My All American
Facing the Giants
The Game Plan

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